Baked Potatoes

Well, this is it. I made it to London. I came accompanied by approximately 135 pounds of luggage – two suitcases, a backpack, and a tote bag. I managed to lug it through hours of lines, squeeze the backpack into the overhead bin, and live out of the same backpack for the past week. I somehow survived a plane ride overseas with no TV (classic Nicole to get a seat with a broken TV), and had a really exciting first 20 minutes of 2014 asleep. But, whatever, regardless of the first 20 minutes, this has been the weirdest and most exciting first three days of a New Year to date.

I have been the happiest and saddest I’ve been in quite some time. I’m missing everyone like crazy, and wish I was home to get snowed in with everyone. However, the rain hasn’t been treating me badly.

A few of us decided we needed to do something touristy yesterday. (We’d been sitting in a Starbucks for two hours for the free WiFi) So we took a four hour walk around the city.

The highlights?

  • We saw Big Ben (couldn’t find the second star to the right, it was too cloudy.)

Peter Pan Big Ben

  • Hit up the National Gallery – I had no idea they would be there, BUT I saw van Gogh, Degas, and Monet paintings

    • The Monet painting we saw shot me back to the Montessori School days. My grandmother purchased me a book about Monet, and this very painting was on the cover. So weird to see it in real life. Even weirder because I wasn’t expecting it at ALL. We went into the museum because it was free and we were bored.

                    monet bookthe japanese footbridge

  • Degas was my favorite as a kid – obviously because he was obsessed with ballerinas, and, hey, I was one.
  • van Gogh was also an amazing surprise. Seeing Sunflowers was another flashback to the Montessori days.
  • I got in trouble for taking a picture of the ceiling (see gallery)
  • We saw stuff from the Parent Trap

parent trap london

  • We saw our first guard – I didn’t want to take a picture because I felt so bad for the guy, and tons of flashes were going off in his face and it just seemed invasive, but I guess that’s his job?
  • Not sure if this is considered a highlight or not: On the menu at dinner they had “jacket potatoes.” So 1) why a jacket, I don’t get it. Where on a baked potato is there a jacket? 2) they had all of these options to put on the potato, but none of the options were sour cream.

  • So I got an omelet and French fries which was probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever ordered for dinner. The potato thing was definitely not a highlight, I guess – but the omelet was great.

Well, welcome to my quest to find a BAKED potato and sour cream. (Truthfully, the quest is more on the sour cream end of things. I did find the baked potato, I’m just being ignorant. But isn’t it always about the sour cream?)

All my love,


PS For being here – I’d like to thank: (the judges for picking me), my parents who I love. I love you [Boston/North Reading].


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