Making Moves

I have finally moved into my room. It’s the smallest. The bathroom is an airplane bathroom with a shower, and there is no WiFi. (Luckily, I am a seasoned Ethernet chord user, thank you, Canfield D and your sturdy concrete walls.) But, stop making a big deal out of the little things, I have a view that I am completely mesmerized by, and have been plopped in a neighborhood that I think is the absolute cutest. Right behind me is Marylebone High Street, it reminds me of a very quiet SoHo, New York – stores I can’t afford, but windows I could stare at for hours. I have lost count of how many times I have walked that street this week.

Here’s what I’ve seen this week, friends:

  • Regent’s Park – my dorm is just a stone’s throw away!
  • Hyde Park – we entered on the boring side so I’m calling this one half done
  • The Tower Bridge

spice girls

  • The London Bridge (Please don’t be too disappointed when you see the actual London Bridge, because it isn’t that one – see above.)

Fergie is a liar

  • The Tate Modern
    • More Monet! So so amazing
  • Saint Paul’s Cathederal
    • Yes I was singing Feed the Birds all day. No, there were no birds to feed. But I sat kind of where the Little Old Bird Woman sat, kind of.

little old bird woman

  • The London Museum – A museum with literally anything and everything London. We saw pieces from every time period. Including some Mrs. Banks throwbacks. (She always was my favorite)

votes for women 3

After a week of paying for meals out, we had absolutely had it.  So, we journeyed to IKEA to grab some essentials. It was a trip. (Nana, skip the next few sentences.) The tube dropped us of on the outskirts of the city, it was foggy and weird and rundown. (I’m also convinced that it would have looked a little less scary if the sun came out, but the sun rarely graces us with its presence here.) We walked through the streets follow the IKEA signs, crossed an overpass, walked over a footbridge, and met Saint Peter at the gates:



Across the way was a MASSIVE grocery store – it was like the size of the North Reading Wal-Mart. Tiny to U.S. standards, but if IKEA was heaven, I don’t even know what this was. Dragging my massive IKEA bag around I was on a mission to pick up the basics. I couldn’t find any:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No American cheese (surprise surprise), no Barilla pasta, no Dawn, lots of biscuits though.

But, we’ve made peace with our local grocery store, and I did find something super super super close to American cheese. Everything is starting to feel a lot better, things are making more sense, and I’m starting to get the hang of living on my own. In other news, they don’t sell Annie’s macaroni and cheese here, and I can’t find Kraft. So, of all of the adjustments (city life, tiny bathroom, not being able to drink the water from my bathroom sink, no WiFi, etc.) not being able to have a box of Annie’s for dinner and another for a midnight snack is definitely going to be a tough one. (Wow, closed both posts with how much I miss food from home – whoops)

All my love,



2 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. Hey Nicole!!

    LOVE your blog! I feel like I’m with you every step of the way. I hope I might catch up with you at some point in your travels. How lucky you are!!

    I’d be happy to shop you Kraft’s, Annie’s or any American Cheese you crave (seriously?!).

    Stay well and happy. Thanks for letting me share! Enjoy!!




    • Debra!
      I do hope we can catch up somewhere along the way! That would make me the happiest

      Can you believe I am my mother’s daughter? She’s off whipping out fine Italian cuisine and all I want is a classic, simple grilled cheese.

      I hope to talk to you soon, or Skype next time you’re with Mom!
      All my love!

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