Playing Catch Up

Well, I’ve been horrible with posting the past few weeks, so I’m thinking I’ll go heavy on the pictures!

I’ve had an exciting few weeks! So here’s what’s been happening, friends:

Stonehenge and Salisbury!

Last weekend our program took us to see the magnificent Stonehenge, and then we saw the city of Salisbury after.

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pure London

I had this amazing opportunity to go to pure London with class. It was basically an expo show for buyer’s to preview (and buy) the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections of various designers. It was HUGE. We got the chance to see two catwalk shows, and now I’m obviously an Autumn/Winter 2014 savant if anybody has any questions.

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Becca comes to town!

Becca spent her February break tucked in on my floor on a very comfortable yoga mat and mattress pad bed. We had an amazing time, saw Kensington Palace and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial, had some amazing tea, and went to see Once (the musical) which was so so great. (Mary and I loved it after we had to sit through a heinous production of Aladdin.)

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The Brit Awarads

While Becca was out for the day I was invited to pop over to the Brit Awards red carpet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on my invitation to the actual red carpet, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll be more organized next year. Well, we didn’t see anybody, but the experience was really cool, and I loved just being able to get up and go!


Mary and I have officially begun our journey to become yogis! We’ve done two classes, and I really hurt, but it feels greaaaaaaaaatttttt! Namaste, world.


And finally, I’ve accepted a spot to study abroad next semester! I’m headed off to Russia, India, and China with Babson’s BRIC Program to study their economies and cultures. So, looks like you’ve signed up for an entire year of this!

All my love,


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