A Wale of a Tale

Last week was definitely my biggest week yet. We kicked it off on Saturday with a visit to Birmingham, Monday we saw Wicked, Tuesday was S-Club 7, Thursday was Beyoncé, Friday-Sunday was a trip to Wales!


Miss Ashley Croce spent the last few months in Birmingham, just under 2 hours North via train. Ashley became Mary and my private tour guide and she took us to see the Cadbury factory, and then walked us all around downtown Birmingham. Just to fill everyone in, I have become an AVID Cadbury fan, and will probably never eat Hershey’s ever ever again. I literally can’t stop eating Cadbury Buttons.


Our program took us up to North Wales for an Adventure Weekend. It wasn’t that adventurous (nobody should be surprised by that), we toured a castle, and then went on a quick walk around our hotel. Staying in a hotel was SO nice, a comfy bed, and some valuable TV time. So valuable that we were able to watch Titanic once from start to finish, we caught the end again, and the middle at another point. Never let go. Too perfect. We also kept flipping by Charlie St. Cloud which just got progressively worse, but it was the first time we’d watched TV in a month soooooo….

Anyway, the views from our little walk were AMAZINGGG. On the drive home we stopped at Llandudno which was an adorable Victorian beach town. We stayed there for a few hours, and then it was back to London!

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Well, it happened. Beyoncé was in London, I’m in London, Mary and I got tickets, we went, and had the absolute most amazing time. Sang every song, danced to every song, definitely cried for a few songs, and lost it when Jay-Z came on stage. Most of the show was brand spanking new, and I feel SO lucky to have gotten the chance to go. Do I even need to say that this will go down in the books as one of the most memorable things to happen this semester? In 20 years I’m sure I’ll be saying, “Yessss, I did a semester in London, and I saw Beyoncé!” Thanks, Mom and Dad!

All my love,



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