Budapest Bound!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, and I don’t think it’s because nothing is happening, more because everything has just become routine (which is INSANE). However, this weekend Mary and I shifted out of our routine and into Hungary. We spent the weekend in Budapest, and it was amazing. Such a cool city; we felt super comfortable there, and really got to know the area we were staying in. Here’s how it went:


We almost missed our bus. The printers weren’t working (I should’ve just stayed at Babson for the semester, seriously with college printers) so 15 minutes before our bus we had no boarding passes or tickets. We literally sprinted to the stop, and I kid you not my legs hurt Saturday morning. I hadn’t run like that since my days at OLN, so you can imagine how heinous Mary and I a) looked and b) felt. Running with backpacks on is the weirdest looking thing ever, maybe we rocked it, who knows? But, we made it! Flew to Budapest, took a shuttle to the hostel, and got a good night’s sleep for our first day in the city.


We started the day off with a free walking tour, just like we did in Barcelona. It was perfect, we walked a ton and saw all the touristy things (pictured below), etc.

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For the afternoon, we signed up for a tour called Alternative Budapest. The tour wasn’t about history, but about what’s happening in Budapest now. Our guide took us to independent cafes, shops, bars, and galleries. The tour happened to take place in the area we were staying in, so it was awesome that we got a chance to really get to know where we were. We saw the #3 bar in the world, Szimpla, a ruin pub. Formally the ghetto during WWII, the Jewish district is filled with abandoned buildings; people are buying those buildings and turning them into bars like Szimpla. Super cool, pretty crazy, and incredibly unique to the city.

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After the Alternative Budapest tour we had a life changing experience, and ate probably the most delicious thing I’ll eat while I’m here. (Michelle is taking us to Tuscany in two weeks and I’m still 99% this thing will be the most delish.) It was a Hungarian street food called lángos: fried dough, sour cream, “garlic juice,” and cheese. Basically sour cream was finally considered a main ingredient in a recipe and it was so perfect. It also took “garlic breath” to a whole new level.


Saturday ended with a trip to the Szechenyi Baths. To get the full experience we took the Metro up to the baths, got off the train and had no idea where we were. We listened for the sound of bubbling fountains and came across a big beautiful building. In we went! The locker rooms were basically a free for all, in trot the American girls heads down trying to ignore the masses of naked Hungarian women in the showers and changing rooms. #shameless We got up to the baths and it was such an experience. The water was amazing and the ambiance was so cool. There were three pools: one was warm, the next was for swimming laps, and the third was hot. We ran back and forth from the warm to the hot bath totally taking me back to the Sunday River days.



We set Sunday aside for shopping, and then journeyed home. Budapest was really amazing, and definitely would not have pictured myself ever really going there, but I’m so so glad we did. Köszönöm, Budapest!

All my love,


Chris and Michelle came to visit me last week, read about it here! My dad made lots of oyster puns and my mom asked a ton of questions I didn’t have answers to – so glad nothing has changed!


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