The Best….

First of all, I’d like to welcome everyone back to my (still) untitled travel blog for Round 2! This semester I’ll be traveling, with a group, to Beijing and Shanghai, China, St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, and New Delhi, India. Our group is comprised of 26 Babson College juniors and seniors, we’ll be meeting professors in each of the countries to take classes regarding entrepreneurship, culture, business, and public policy. I have no idea what I’m doing. As of right now every day of the next two months and three weeks of my life has something planned (and for the days that aren’t planned by Babson I’ve penciled in “sleep”).

To be honest, I’m surprised I’m even on the floor of the San Francisco airport waiting for this flight. When I was accepted to the BRIC Program I hadn’t even completed one fourth of my semester in London, at that point there was SO much left to see and do abroad. But, once I came home from abroad I found that I was actually pretty satisfied – I traveled, I have amazing friendships that came from that experience, I learned to be independent, I learned my way around an unfamiliar place and made it my home. So for my first semester senior year why leave again? I still haven’t answered that question. But I’m here, waiting for this flight to Beijing.

the best is yet to come


^My mantra for the next two months and three weeks. (It’s on my planner and everything it feels so official.) I feel like I did this program on a whim, and maybe didn’t think it through all the way. And I feel like I left a lot behind this time around. I am constantly reminding myself that whatever it is I left at home will still be there in 2 months and 3 weeks. Russia, as it is right now, and as it will be in October, is a once in a lifetime. I know I could not be luckier.

Our flight is about to board, and the best is yet to come – what more could I be thinking about right now? (Definitely the obscene amount of rice I’m going to eat this month, I’m absolutely thinking about that too.)

All my love,




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